ADD - Hidden Obstacles:
Navigating the detours
(The Predominantly Inattentive Type
Karin Windt

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Number of pages:
178 (Dutch version)
168 (English version)

978-90-818093-0-6 (Dutch version)
978-90-818093-2-0 (English version)

Dutch - 2008
Reprint 2012 Dutch - 22-10-2011
English - 2009

Professional translation by Languagelab.

Table of Contents by chapter

- Introduction

- What is ADD

- Is ADD a fad diagnosis?

- Future of ADD

- Disorder or disability

- ADD in the past

- What makes ADD so complicated

- Product of our times?

- Ignorance about ADD

- The school system

- Self employment

- Characteristics of ADD

- ADD & ADHD - the differences

- ADD & ADHD - the similarities

- Typical ADDer

- Hidden obstacles ADD

- The diagnosis

- Challenges, obstacles and pitfalls of ADD

- The advantages of ADD

- ADD children

- ADD adolescents

- ADD and relationships

- What is the state of research into ADD

- and more!

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